dub & reggae producer out of antwerp – belgium


This page features some unlisted fanatic dubplates, pre-releases and work in progress. I though why not share some of the tracks I have laying about.

Lyrical Benjie – Gone this ya Style

The track captures Benjie in a dejaay style in which he only once in a while adapts in live sessions. Although you can aknowledge the influence of his all time example Brigadier Jerry, Benjie displays his trademark flow and always positive message on this rub a dubwise unlisted fanatic riddim. I’ve had several people tell me (after I played it in a dance): ‘I knew it wasn’t a vintage tune and you could hear it is a modern thing but the feel is definately like it was done back in the days.’ A mighty compliment if you ask me, cheers.

Unlisted Fanatic meets Brother Joakim inna Kiwi style

One of my riddims that I regulary play as a dubplate. I really like the riddim but haven’t given it a direction yet. When visting Jah Melodie & Joakim/Jochem of Bush & Shadow Records in Amstardam I played them them the then new riddim. Joakim had a burst of inspiration and bursted this one taker on to the riddim. I mixed it down to play at a session and it’s been left like that ever since. Barry Llewellyn wrote a song on it and sang it to me the night before he left to Jamaica and told me he was gonna record it in Kingston. Sadly it was the last time we spoke as he died a couple of days later in Kingston.

Unlisted Fanatic – Don’t get caught version 2010

An uptempo riddim that I have in the bin for quiet some time. Actually it’s one of my first riddims ever that I’ve reworked through the years. Sometime riddims become a love and hate affair as you rework them beyond their original idea, then I think I need to this or that and some days like today I just thought why not throw it online in the meantime : – ).

If you are a sound or selector and are interested in some of the above tracks as exclusive pre-release or dubplate. Get in touch: unlistedfanatic@telenet.be


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