dub & reggae producer out of antwerp – belgium


The ‘Unlisted Fanatic Overdubs’ or in short UFO-studio is the place where I make my music. A PC running cubase and a whole bunch of plug ins and virtual instruments are the backbone of the set up. A MOTU interface sends the instruments to a 24 channel mackie mixer where they are treated with effects such as delay, phaser and reverb to form lively (dub)mixes.

I think the term digital acoustic applies well here. I don’t mind the digital backbone of a computerized beat or the use of a synth once in a while but in general I like to add organic sounds like piano, organs and sampled drum kits. More than often addition guitar, percussion, melodica or horns are added (overdubbed ; – ) to broaden the sound and groove. I am fortunate to be aquinted with some nice musicians to call upon.

I’ve also been fortunate to record some nice singers such as Barry Heptone(s) Llewellyn of the legendary Heptones (JAM), Carlton Livingston (JAM), Jah Melodie (NL), Paul Fox (UK), Lyrical Benjie (NL) and local talents Saimn-I and Collieman to name but a few.


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