dub & reggae producer out of antwerp – belgium

18 inch corner in style & dub fashion – 3rd August ’13


I am still pretty much nackered from a wicked Reggae Geel festival. Playing the 18 inch corner in front of all these people going down on your music is a truely amazing experience. On top Paul Fox, Saimn-I, Collieman and Moonshine Horns were all on point and did and first class job. Unfortunately my camera had a glitch and I wasn’t able to record any of the show. Although others have filmed plenty, so I expect some clips will surface on youtube soon.

Anyway, big up to all the people in the crowd how came up to me afterwards to big me up. Much thanks, you made me feel on top of the world. Also to meet some of the requests of getting a more music online I put up some of the tracks that were played online on my soundcloud. First one is the intro/opening tune I made specially for Geel. It’s actually a tune I made during my holiday in UK. So fresh bussiness.

The next one is a dub of the ‘Come away’ riddim. A riddim I build together with Paul Fox while staying with him, again during our summer holiday. The vocals and horns are still to be recorded for proper but the dub already flows well on it’s own I think. It went down amazing in the set having us dancing like mad together with the crowd.

Enjoy !


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