dub & reggae producer out of antwerp – belgium

Who dem a Fool / Take I Home

I added a preview of my 2009 12 inch release with Carlton Livingston & Jah Melodie on my soundcloud for all to listen too. The riddim track was one of the first real riddims I created. Basicly a collage of couple of loops and a tuff bassline on top. It was one of the first glimpses of studio magic I guess. All pieces just came together and it fitted. As I wasn’t at home as much behind the sliders and knobs back then and didn’t have the gear I have now the tracks where mixed by Dougie Conscious (Carlton side) and Shiloh Ites (Jah Melodie side). The end product is pretty hardcore 12 inch which 3 mixes on each side. The 12 inch is pretty much sold out in most shops but looking it issuing them as a digital release. Stay tuned for more news on that.

Side A

Side B


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