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Gig alert

The gig / sessions agenda is updated. Some nice sessions coming up. Hope to see you at one of them ;-)

What we need is love – upcoming on Impact 7″

As mentioned earlier this year, I was lucky to have legendary Impact & Randy’s producer Clive Chin in the studio and became involved in his Lost Archives project were he revives riddims from his extensive vault either original unreleased tracks as well as voicing contemporary artists on 70’s riddims. Within this framework my musical friend Collieman recorded ‘What we need is love’ on the Ta teasha’s ‘Oh Jah Come’ riddim by the Wailers. Collieman delivered a kick ass track and I was fortunate to have a go at running the tune through my desk. Mr Chin was happy with the result and my mixes are on it’s way to the pressing plant for a 7″ release !!! Wicked stuff, isn’t it ? Have a listen to the preview below.

Lost in DUB – free download !!!

For their fifth anniversary Belgian dub crew ‘Reservoir Dub’ has gathered a nice line up of artists to provide a tune for a free download compilation. It features top names such as Dubmatix, Webcam Hifi, Panda dub … to name but a few. Yourstruely is also present on the compilation with a digital rub a dub tune called ‘Stand Strong’ with tuff vocals by my brethrin in crime Siamn-I. So get down to the Reservoir Dub site and download the compilation of fine tunes by Belgian and international artists.

Click here to download Lost in dub # 1


Unlisted Fanatic releases on Bandcamp

Joined in with the release of the ‘Farmerman Life’ video and all the attention it’s getting. I decided it was definately needed that the tune was available as a digital download. For the time being I decided to set up a bandcamp account but will go for a distribution through a company so that I can reach Itunes, Amazon, Juno … That will probably join in with a next vinyl release.


I also put Money World & Take I Home releases on Bandcamp. Because of copyright/publishing fees the Barry Heptone & Carlton Livingston tracks are not possible through bandcamp. These will follow on other platforms on a later date.


Direct link to bandcamp:


Farmerman Life THE Video

Last Monday the official video of Collieman’s ‘Farmerman Life’ was launched on youtube. Most of the footage was shot while I was on holiday, so I am kinda abscent in the whole thing :-) But that’s fine as the storyboard, filming and editing was a joint project of Collieman and Irie-J Productions. They spent an enormous amount of work on it so all kudos to them. They did a wonderfull job if you ask me. Professional stuff and great story.

Reggaebox, Rootssundays, Summersplash …

Next couple of weeks are gonna be busy. Sessions at Reggaebox (Grootbijgaarden) with Saimn & Collieman, Sunday Rootsday (Liége) with Saimn and Summersplash (Zwijndrecht) with Saimn and Moonshine Horns. After that it’s gonna be quiet for a bit it seems :-S Well, that’s time to be spent in the studio fixing tunes …



Session vibes – Cantankerous style

As said, some youtube clips of last Saturday’s set a Reggae Geel have popped up. Check out these once by Dreadsmoke.

A vocal version of Parvez (Vibronics & Dub Factory) called ‘Cantankerous’ with live horns by the Moonshine Horns

And the dejaay counteraction called ‘decantankerous’ by the man called Saimn-I ‘Cooooool Down your temper, Mr Cantankerous …’

18 inch corner in style & dub fashion – 3rd August ’13


I am still pretty much nackered from a wicked Reggae Geel festival. Playing the 18 inch corner in front of all these people going down on your music is a truely amazing experience. On top Paul Fox, Saimn-I, Collieman and Moonshine Horns were all on point and did and first class job. Unfortunately my camera had a glitch and I wasn’t able to record any of the show. Although others have filmed plenty, so I expect some clips will surface on youtube soon.

Anyway, big up to all the people in the crowd how came up to me afterwards to big me up. Much thanks, you made me feel on top of the world. Also to meet some of the requests of getting a more music online I put up some of the tracks that were played online on my soundcloud. First one is the intro/opening tune I made specially for Geel. It’s actually a tune I made during my holiday in UK. So fresh bussiness.

The next one is a dub of the ‘Come away’ riddim. A riddim I build together with Paul Fox while staying with him, again during our summer holiday. The vocals and horns are still to be recorded for proper but the dub already flows well on it’s own I think. It went down amazing in the set having us dancing like mad together with the crowd.

Enjoy !

Back to life, back to reality

Back to the order of the day after a nice holiday :-) Main focus is the preparation for my set at Reggae Geel on the 3rd of August. Bringing together the greater part of my musical friends and partners Saimn, Collieman, Paul Fox and the Moonshine horns in one set does require some preparation. But all cool and going well, really looking forward to this set. Come check us out at 5:30 PM in the 18 inch corner. Following closely after Geel I will perform an hour set with Collieman & Saimn-I at the Reggae Box Festival on the 10th of August and a two hour set with Saimn-I and Moonshine horns at the SummerSplash on the 16th of August.

Unlisted Fanatic @ Reggae Geel ’13

The line up has been made official so I don’t have to be quiet anymore ;-) So I am delighted to let you know I’ll be playing at on the 3rd of August in the 18 inch corner at Reggae Geel festival. Even more cool is that I won’t be playing alone but will be sharing the stage with a couple of my closest relations in my music:
my close brethrin Saimn-I who joins me often to provide vocal power to my sets, the man with the golden voice Collieman, fabelous singer Paul Fox comes over from the UK and the Moonshine horns will provide some nice brass melodies. This is gonna be awesome. We plan to mix up our tracks and collaborations and have to oppetunity to make it one dynamic set. Come check us out in the 18 inch corner.

Reggae geel

Check out the full line up at the Reggae Geel Website

Survivor preview

Here’s a live preview of a new track in progress with strong vocals by Paul Fox called Survivor. The riddim is an uptempo binghi driven one drop type a thing. I made it during a day off from work :-) meditation vibes. The preview is from the KINGKOP festival where Paul Fox, Saimn-I and me played at the end of April. The track was recorded a couple days prior. We made a quick mix of the riddim to drop it at the festival as we were all excited about it. Saimn dropped a lethal part 2. the plan is now to have saimn do an mc-part at the second part of the song. A bit like in the clip. This however still needs to be recorded. Shouldn’t take to long I hope ;-)

Paul Fox – Survivor part 1

Saimn-I ounteraction part 2

Big up to the KINGKOP festival for the nice set up, Ion Youth for letting us play on there soundsystem and the crowd for the nice vibes.

Who dem a Fool / Take I Home

I added a preview of my 2009 12 inch release with Carlton Livingston & Jah Melodie on my soundcloud for all to listen too. The riddim track was one of the first real riddims I created. Basicly a collage of couple of loops and a tuff bassline on top. It was one of the first glimpses of studio magic I guess. All pieces just came together and it fitted. As I wasn’t at home as much behind the sliders and knobs back then and didn’t have the gear I have now the tracks where mixed by Dougie Conscious (Carlton side) and Shiloh Ites (Jah Melodie side). The end product is pretty hardcore 12 inch which 3 mixes on each side. The 12 inch is pretty much sold out in most shops but looking it issuing them as a digital release. Stay tuned for more news on that.

Side A

Side B


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